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Five great reasons why you should train with me:


Build a stronger, fitter, leaner physique

You won't lose your wobbly bits without muscle. Strength training creates sexy curves without bulk.


Maximum results in minimum time

No time? No problem. My full body workouts will shape every muscle from head-to-toe without endless hours in the gym.


Kiss goodbye to diets

Receive no-nonsense nutrition advice which empowers you to make the right food choices.


Increased confidence

A toned body, improved energy, better health, less stress – the results of my workouts are a feel-good cocktail.


It's fun

Pace, variety and the buzz of hitting your goals means you'll look forward to every session.



Fast track to health and fitness with my highly effective one-to-one strength and conditioning sessions.

Pre and Postnatal Exercise

I am fully qualified in pre and postnatal exercise, meaning you can train safely and effectively through pregnancy and beyond.


Bespoke nutrition advice which reveals the truth about what you should and shouldn't be eating.

  • 'Emma is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but her personality and patience makes her an incredible motivator. Not only have my strength and fitness levels improved, but I've gained new confidence in the gym and love learning new and interesting plans.'
    Karen Goodbrand
  • 'Two months after having a baby I was 12kg over my pre-pregnancy weight. I felt uncomfortable, overweight and unfit. Six months on – combining the training sessions with Emma, personal exercise and healthy eating, I've lost 10kg. Maintaining training sessions as part of my weekly routine makes me feel much stronger, fitter and gives me a greater overall sense of wellbeing.'
    Vishva Sodhi
  • 'I always feel fantastic after my training sessions with Emma. The workouts are varied and challenging and she really understands me and what I want from the sessions. I am thrilled with the results so far and I have no doubt Emma will get me into amazing shape for my upcoming wedding.'
    Kate Ward
  • 'Emma's training sessions have been brilliant for my fitness and confidence. Her knowledge is excellent and she is also incredibly supportive. Sessions have been tailored to suit my needs and are manageable enough for me to continue with extra gym sessions on my own. I've loved seeing my fitness levels increase and my whole attitude to working out has been transformed. These sessions have truly
    been life enhancing!’
    Samreen Shah
  • 'It is fantastic that Emma is able to come to my house otherwise I would always come up with excuses not to do any exercise. Every week she creates new and interesting sessions; she is motivating and positive.
    I would strongly recommend her as a trainer. I had only planned to have a personal trainer for 3 months and now it is over a year on and I have built it into my weekly routine.’
    Patricia English
  • 'I have been training with Emma for nearly two years and would not be without my twice-weekly sessions. The sessions really work – maximum results for minimum time taken. The hour flies by and, thanks to Emma, the training is never the same. Well worth fitting into a busy schedule!'
    Jane Thompson

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