And here it is… my website has had a makeover worthy of Gok Wan and is now looking fabulous darling.

It’s been a great start to the year with my blog reaching the finals of the UK Blog Awards and the Sundried Health Blogger Awards. I’m pleased as punch to have been shortlisted again for UKBA in the sports and fitness category. You might remember that I was a finalist last year and vowed to make a few changes to my website and social media presence after my blog failed to come up trumps. I’m a competitive whatnot – lol.

I rolled up my sleeves, chose a slick new WordPress theme and put together a shiny new blog that will hopefully help me stand out among the competition. I’ve always been a confident writer, but was less happy behind the camera. In the last six months I’ve been honing my photography skills and my blog is now full of original photography rather than stock images. It adds a more personal touch, don’t you think?

Those photography skills have come in handy for Instagram. I set up my account last April after procrastinating for months. I realised I’d need an Instagram account to promote my blog more effectively, but I had mixed feelings about what I considered quite a shallow social media platform.

I’ve still got mixed feelings. I’ve just hit 1,000 followers on Instagram, but it can be hard to build and maintain numbers unless you post every day or are prepared to post semi naked pics of yourself, which I most definitely am not! Looking on the bright side though, Instagram has helped me raise the profile of my blog and business, as well as connect with some very inspiring peeps. Luckily it’s not all duck-faced selfies, washboard abs and flexing among the Gram fitness community.

So, I hope you enjoy the new look blog. I’ve completed the goals I set myself after last year’s blog awards and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Who knows who the judges will favour at this year’s awards, but I’m satisfied I’ve brought my A game.