Happy Mother’s Day.

I wasn’t intending to post anything today. My posts are usually written, scheduled and perfected weeks in advance (I’m an angsty writer). But Mothering Sunday got me thinking about my mum and I was inspired to write about how much she inspires me, plus a quick recipe.

It was Mum who got me into sport. As a teenager, Mum was captain of the school netball and hockey teams and a champion swimmer. She wanted my brother and I to be fit and healthy too. It was Mum who took me to gymnastics at age six as she thought ballet would be too girly for me.

It was a good decision. Although I was never destined to be an elite gymnast, the discipline, conditioning techniques and determined attitude needed to succeed in gymnastics have stayed with me for life.

Gymnastics didn’t just require commitment from me however. It was mum who drove me to and from the gym five times a week, and got me to competitions all over the country. Mum took me leotard shopping, helped me edit my floor music on a ghetto blaster (it was the 1980s) and knotted my hair into a French plait so I’d look smart for training.

When I left gymnastics, Mum took me to other activities including swimming, athletics and trampolining. She encouraged me in the goals I set myself, without applying pressure.

Mum has been the biggest supporter of my writing too. She often reminds me of my primary school headmaster’s words to her: ‘encourage Emma to write.’ And that’s what Mum has done. I’ve had a career in journalism, written two books (yet to be published) and started this blog. Even now Mum reads every blog post and gives me positive feedback.

Perhaps a recipe made with whey protein seems a surprising tribute to Mum, but she loved these banana and almond muffins. Now in her 60s, Mum is still fit as a fiddle. She runs most days, trains with weights and follows a healthy high protein diet. When my brother and I pop over for Sunday roast, a protein mousse is one of her top choices for dessert.

This one’s for you Mum x


Two ripe bananas
Two scoops vanilla whey protein
Six tablespoons almond butter
Two eggs
170g ground almonds
Two teaspoons coconut oil
Two teaspoons coconut flour
Two teaspoons cinnamon
One teaspoon baking powder


Place ingredients in a food processor and whiz to form a smooth batter. This can be done with a bowl and spoon.
Place some cupcake cases in a tray and add a tablespoon of mix to each case.
Bake muffins at 170c for 20 minutes or until they have cooked through. To check, poke muffins with a fork and make sure it comes out clean.
Cool for 2+ hours.