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Winning My First British Powerlifting Gold
24 July 2018

This was my best performance in a competition so far – by a mile. I equalled a personal best and got the highest total of all female lifters. I think I’ve finally learned to channel my competition nerves and achieve the numbers I can do in the gym. The competition was a British Powerlifting ‘push ‘n’ pull’ in Sittingbourne, Kent.... View Article

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Why Getting A Six Pack Isn’t One of My Goals
26 June 2018

This is my tummy. It’s perfectly nice as tummies go, but perhaps not the razor sharp six-pack you might expect from a personal trainer. Thing is, a six-pack isn’t a sign of health, strength or someone in peak physical condition. A six-pack is a sign of low body fat. In fact, getting a six-pack may involve many things that are... View Article

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Which Foods will Help Me Build Muscle?
5 June 2018

We could all benefit from more muscle. No, that isn’t just a statement from a weights-crazed gym bunny. Hear me out… Muscle is metabolically active, protects joints from injury and gives women a ‘toned’, rather than bulky appearance. Strength training helps offset muscle loss as we age. After 35, we lose between 0.5-1% of our muscle mass annually. That process... View Article

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