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Breaking My Plateau: Ways I’m Improving My Strength
9 October 2018

If you’re a committed gymrat, you’ll know about plateaus. You’re pushing hard in the gym, eating right, sleeping well, yet the numbers on the bar aren’t budging. I’ve been weight training for eight years and, in the last year, I’ve found it very difficult to increase the loads lifted. Once I could hit a PB every time I stepped onto... View Article

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Should We Be Quitting Bread?
3 September 2018

Bread; it’s the staple of most of our diets. It’s a go-to lunch, easy side dish or quick pick-me-up when we’re hungry and tired. Bread is simple, tasty and cheap, but is our dough habit getting out of control? Hmmm, maybe a little. If your goal is fat loss, I’d suggest looking at the type and quantity of bread you... View Article

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Winning My First British Powerlifting Gold
24 July 2018

This was my best performance in a competition so far – by a mile. I equalled a personal best and got the highest total of all female lifters. I think I’ve finally learned to channel my competition nerves and achieve the numbers I can do in the gym. The competition was a British Powerlifting ‘push ‘n’ pull’ in Sittingbourne, Kent.... View Article

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