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Why Getting A Six Pack Isn’t One of My Goals
26 June 2018

This is my tummy. It’s perfectly nice as tummies go, but perhaps not the razor sharp six-pack you might expect from a personal trainer. Thing is, a six-pack isn’t a sign of health, strength or someone in peak physical condition. A six-pack is a sign of low body fat. In fact, getting a six-pack may involve many things that are... View Article

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Which Foods will Help Me Build Muscle?
5 June 2018

We could all benefit from more muscle. No, that isn’t just a statement from a weights-crazed gym bunny. Hear me out… Muscle is metabolically active, protects joints from injury and gives women a ‘toned’, rather than bulky appearance. Strength training helps offset muscle loss as we age. After 35, we lose between 0.5-1% of our muscle mass annually. That process... View Article

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My Journey To Strength: How Lifting Heavy Changed My Life
14 May 2018

When I tell people I lift heavy, I’m met with a mixed response. Some think it’s amazing, others are confused. ‘But you’re not big,’ they might say. Or ‘that’s a bit scary.’ Unfortunately, the myth persists that weight training turns women into hulks. At 56kgs, I’m proof that strength training will not make you look like the cover model of... View Article

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