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My Journey To Strength: How Lifting Heavy Changed My Life
14 May 2018

When I tell people I lift heavy, I’m met with a mixed response. Some think it’s amazing, others are confused. ‘But you’re not big,’ they might say. Or ‘that’s a bit scary.’ Unfortunately, the myth persists that weight training turns women into hulks. At 56kgs, I’m proof that strength training will not make you look like the cover model of... View Article

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Swing Out Sisters At The UK Blog Awards
26 April 2018

After months of waiting, The UK Blog Awards finally happened last Friday. Striding up to the uber-posh Marriott Hotel in Mayfair, I couldn’t quite believe I was a finalist. It’s a weird story how I got here… I never intended my blog to be read by anyone apart from my clients. To be honest, I started the whole thing as... View Article

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Do I Need Protein Shakes?
10 April 2018

Protein shakes are big business. In the last 10 years, the market value of sports related protein products in the UK has quadrupled, from sales of £73 million in 2007 to £358 million in 2017. These days you’re unlikely to set foot in a gym without seeing a few dozen gymrats sloshing muddy-looking whey in their shakers. But are these... View Article

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