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Making Weight: 48 Hours Of Hell
21 March 2018

Like my six pack? To me, these photos are a reminder that what looks pretty isn’t always healthy. These photos were taken on the morning of weigh-in, the day before the South East England Powerlifting Championships. At this point, I had lost 4 kilos (about 8lbs) in just under 2 days. I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours, I was massively... View Article

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Banana and Almond Protein Muffins
11 March 2018

Happy Mother’s Day. I wasn’t intending to post anything today. My posts are usually written, scheduled and perfected weeks in advance (I’m an angsty writer). But Mothering Sunday got me thinking about my mum and I was inspired to write about how much she inspires me, plus a quick recipe. It was Mum who got me into sport. As a... View Article

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