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How Do I Plan A Strength Workout? A Beginner’s Guide
28 February 2018

Weight training is the single best thing you can do for your body. Not only will weight training transform your physique, giving you tone and reduced fat mass, but it will also strengthen connective tissue, muscles and tendons, as well as boost your metabolism, energy and immune system. Possessing a strong body builds super confidence. Despite the buzz around weight... View Article

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Does Super Fitness Help You Get A Date?
14 February 2018

The short answer is absolutely not. It’s Valentine’s Day and this year I will be spending the evening with my lovely boyfriend of nine months. However, the last four Valentine’s nights I have been home alone with a face like a wet weekend, wondering if Cupid’s arrow would ever strike. ‘With your body you must have gorgeous men falling all... View Article

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What Can I Do About Cellulite?
26 January 2018

Orange peel, cottage cheese, waffle ass, rumplestiltskin… Whatever you want to call cellulite, there’s no denying it’s there and we’ve all got it. Around 98% of post-pubescent women have cellulite and it can affect individuals regardless of shape or size. Cellulite is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue, resulting in those charming bum and thigh... View Article

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