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How Strong Became The New Skinny
3 August 2017

There has been a colossal shift in thinking about female body image. Gone are the days when women hankered after waif-like limbs, thigh gaps and concave stomachs. These days my clients are far more likely to ask how I can help them achieve a bodybuilder butt and ripped six-pack. Positive role models such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Beyonce and Kate Hudson... View Article

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Blueberry Protein Cheesecake Recipe
17 July 2017

I’ve been training pretty hard lately as I’m preparing for my next powerlifting competition (more on that soon). I was craving a sweet pick-me-up and what better reward than a slice of protein cheesecake? Ingredients 250g blueberries 500g quark 300g cream cheese (I used Philadelphia) 1 tsp vanilla extract Stevia to taste (about 3g) 10 reduced fat digestive biscuits 50g... View Article

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